Why Should You Get a Cat Sitter

The pros and cons of getting cat sitting

What Is

Cat Sitting?

Whilst cat owners would love to take their cats on holiday with them, this is rarely possible. A popular alternative to catteries, cat sitters are people like you who love cats and who will care for your feline friends whenever you are away. They are typically local and enjoying spending time with adorable animals.

For Minnie’s Moggies, cat sitting is all about providing a service for people who need to be away from home for a while and want to ensure their cats have the best possible care when they are away. And, in taking on that very important responsibility, I am being able to share my love of cats. It is generally accepted that cats, being territorial animals, find catteries stressful, and cat sitting provides a convenient and often cost-effective alternative.

I have Care of Animals insurance through Petplan, and am also fully DBS checked, giving you additional peace of mind while you are away.

Read on below for some more information on why cat sitting and Minnie’s Moggies is the purr-fect choice you and your cat when you need to be away. Or, if you need more convincing on why choosing Minnie’s Moggies to care for your cherished pets is the right thing to do, you can review my feedback and reviews.

Pros and Cons

of Cat Sitting


Cats love it because they get to stay safe and warm in their happy place – their own home, with a human companion at hand to ensure they have everything they need

Vets often say that their customers, and their pets, prefer a cat sitter as it prevents exposure of your cats to potentially stressful new environments

Cat owners love it because they can go away knowing their cats are safe at home with a fellow feline lover who will give their cat lots of time, care and company.

Once you get a cat sitter, you’ll rarely have to ask a neighbour, friend or family member to help out with your cats.

Cat sitting is often more affordable than a cattery, especially if you have more than one cat and has other benefits too.


I may be biased, but I really can’t think of any!

If you are you ready to make a booking or want to check my availability, please head over to my availability calendar. Or, if you have any questions, then please contact me.