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I’m Minnie (also known as Mia) and that’s me above doing what I love to do the most as part of my cat sitting service – caring for and playing with cats!

Like many cat owners, I often felt guilty heading off somewhere and leaving my cats at the local cattery. Whilst catteries provided a brilliant service, my cats were never happy to be away from home for even short periods of time and often found the trip to the cattery unsettling. So, I asked a friend to cat sit for us.

After seeing how happy our cats were on our return, I decided to start my own cat sitting service in the Dunfermline and West Fife area. That’s when Minnie’s Moggies Kitty Sitting was born!

I absolutely adore cats, having kept kitties of my own for over 20 years, and am the pawrent to two little beauties. Fleur and Ziggy are my much cherished fur babies and each has their own little purr-sonality that I love. They make me smile every day.

It is that understanding of the bond between cat owners and their pets that makes me such a good choice as a cat sitter for you. I love what I do, and am very proud of all the wonderful feedback I have received from my customers, many of whom have now booked me on multiple occasions.

If you still want to know more about cat sitting, you can read my page on Why You Should Get a Cat Sitter, or read on below to find out a little more about the services I offer and how to get in touch to enquire or make a booking.

Fleur and Ziggy - my permanent Cat Sitting clients
Fleur and Ziggy

Want To

Know More?

If you choose me as your cat sitter, on each visit, I’ll feed and water your kitties as well as have a play and cuddle with them. I will clear out any litter trays and clean their food and water bowls.

If there are any other things you want me to do (eg, water plants, collect mail, turn lights on/off, open/close curtains etc), then I’m more than happy to do that too.

For more details about how cat sitting works, please head on over to my How it Works page or check out my handy guide on Preparing For A Cat Sitter. Or, for more details on the services I offer, please visit my Services page.

If you are interested in having me cat sit and feed your lovable kitties, or simply want to know more, then please check my availability. I’d love to arrange a meeting with you and your purr babies to chat through your cat sitting needs.

I hope you find me the purrr-fect companion for your cats as much as Fleur and Ziggy have found each other 🐾

Fleur and Ziggy - my permanent Cat Sitting clients

Have a paw-some day!! xx