Cat Sitting Services and Pricing

Care tailored to the needs of your and your fur-babies

Cat Sitting

Tailored To Your Needs

Whatever you and your kitties needs, I can deliver a cat sitting service for you, ensuring that your time away from home can be enjoyed in the confidence that your furry friends are being cared for.

Whilst many pet sitters might concentrate the majority of their time and energy on dog walking and sitting, and have cat sitting as an add-on service, Minnie’s Moggies cares exclusively for fur-babies of the feline variety (although we will also cater for any additional small pets in the same household). A cattery can also provide a valuable service for your cat care, but having someone visit your pet in the comfort and security of their own home means cat sitting has many additional benefits. Some cat sitters may only allocate the minimum amount of time required to perform basic feeding and cleaning duties. However, at Minnie’s Moggies, I take pride in offering a premium service that involves spending quality time with your cats during each visit. This enables me to pamper your cats with plenty of grooming, cuddling, and playtime, depending on their mood.

The experience of this focussed approach means that I truly understand cats and allows me get to know and care for your cherished pets as if they were my own. I know that my clients appreciate this personal touch and the peace of mind it brings them, and I am extremely proud of the wonderful feedback I have received.

At Minnie’s Moggies, I also understand the importance of affordable pet care. That’s why I offer competitive pricing to suit the unique needs of every cat and their owner. I believe that everyone should have access to high-quality pet care, without breaking the bank. By choosing my cat sitting services, you can rest assured that your furry friend is in good hands, without worrying about the cost.

I offer two standard services to clients in the Dunfermline and West Fife area, visiting your cats once or twice per day, but can also work with clients where something more bespoke is required.

If you want to know about the cat sitting process, head over to my How Cat Sitting Works page to find out how easy it is. Or, if you want to make an enquiry, choose one of the options below.

If you are you ready to make a booking, or just want to check my availability, please head over to my availability calendar. Or, if you have any questions, then please contact me. Alternatively, read on below for more information about the service I provide.


Minnie’s Moggies


While you’re away, I will offer your cats their own personalised service – because every cat owner knows that their feline friends deserve (and sometimes demand) the best!

Caring for your cats while you’re away

One or two visits per day

Feed and top up water

Administer medication


Play time and cuddles

Whatever else your cat needs

Keeping your home clean

Cleaning out litter trays

Cleaning food and water bowls

Tidying up after any “accidents”

Home security

Turning lights on and off

Taking out rubbish and bins

Opening/closing curtains and blinds

Home care

Taking in post and deliveries

Watering indoor and patio plants

Any other daily requests

Keeping you updated

Providing you with regular updates

Sending photos & videos of your cats

Keep visiting if your return is delayed