Minnie’s Furry Client Gallery

A gallery of Minnie’s regular cat sitting clients



Cat Sitting can be so rewarding when you care for so many gorgeous fur-babies. Below you can see a selection of the beautiful furry clients I cat sit for on a regular basis. Come back regularly to get your latest fix of cute cat pictures! You can also find some videos over on my Minnie’s Moggies Kitty Sitting YouTube Channel.

Betty Betty
Dylan Dylan
Oscar Oscar
Coco Coco
Bowie Bowie
Amber Amber
Mika Mika
Belle Belle
Nevis Nevis
Alfie Alfie
Django Django
Ted Ted
Trico Trico
Minnie Minnie
Ozil Ozil
Agatha Agatha
Luna Luna
Misty Misty
Maisie Maisie
Charlie Charlie
Monty Monty
Blue Blue
Boba Boba
Smudge Smudge
Scoot Scoot
Izzy Izzy
Peggy Peggy
Ziggy Ziggy
Amaretto Amaretto
Ninja Ninja
Fluffy Fluffy
Sanna Sanna
Sukia Sukia
Tinie Tinie
Tempah Tempah
Annie Annie
Dusty Dusty
Oscar Oscar
Teddy Teddy
Murphy Murphy
Jax Jax
Willow Willow
Bella Bella
Eddie Scissor Paws Eddie Scissor Paws
Misty Misty
Cleo Cleo
Pudding Pudding
Max Max
Lara Lara
Holly Holly
Tricks Tricks
Trudy Trudy
Izzy Izzy
Mimi Mimi
Suki Suki
Noah Noah
Hamish Hamish
Finlay Finlay
Toots Toots
Marvie Marvie
Piper Piper
Thistle Thistle
Mauri Mauri
Mittens Mittens
Jojo Jojo
Brucey Brucey
Gizmo Gizmo
Cupcake Cupcake
Poppy Poppy
Mika Mika
Lola Lola
Alfie Alfie
Newt Newt
Gary Sugar Gary Sugar
Ripley Ripley
Charlie Charlie
Lara Lara
Ringo Ringo
Blu Blu
Gumbo Gumbo
Bamba Bamba
Dinah Dinah
Noodle Noodle
Opie Opie
Ellie Ellie
Pablo Pablo
Pablito Pablito
Lola Lola
Alfie Alfie
Charlie Charlie
Django Django
Willow Willow
Simba Simba
Cookie Cookie
Pablo Pablo
Boo Boo
Jasmine Jasmine
Hugo Hugo
Chesney Chesney
Luna Luna
Kevin Kevin
Scampi Scampi
Ron Ron
Reg Reg
Peppa Peppa
George George
Faith Faith
Luna Luna
Spyro Spyro
Sparx Sparx
Pinocchio Pinocchio
Leia Leia
Rex Rex
Charlie Charlie
Rosie Rosie
Rogue Rogue
Storm Storm
Jim Jim
Tonic Tonic
Dico Dico
Casper Casper
Storm Storm
Brodie Brodie
Molly Molly
Tom Tom
Jerry Jerry
Sacha Sacha
Daisy Daisy
Milo Milo
Honey Honey
Ginger Ginger
Stormy Stormy
Ziggy Ziggy
Fleur Fleur

If you want me to cat sit for your own fur-babies you can check my availability.